When your floor is finished, we provide on-site surveying services together with recommendations for your team. The results from the Floor Flatness Surveying are important to the end user. They need a high level of flatness and we will help you achieve this by providing best practices to attain the highest standards.

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Flatness & Levelness



CONSURVEY is offering finished floor flatness surveys  using the latest Dipstick 2272 Floor Profiler.

The Dipstick is the most accurate and most specified concrete floor profiler in the world.

Our know-how will not only involve flatness surveying, but will also extend into advising and recommending improvements for the overall flatness and levelness results.

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Floor Flatness Surveying and Testing

An industrial floor needs to have an appropriate flatness in order to provide a suitable surface for the operation of materials handling equipment (MHE), and an appropriate levelness to ensure that the building as a whole, with all its static equipment and MHE can function satisfactorily.